Accessing General Settings


To change your basic settings, first, go to your dashboard. On the left menu panel, click STORE SETTINGS (store icon). Do not click any of the subpages it contains, as they will redirect elsewhere.

Contact Information

This section of accounts is where you can input your contact information. It includes information such as email, phone number, social media and timezone.

Order Settings

In this section, you can decide how you would like to pay Ontray’s fee: a customer’s convenience fee or a 5% commission per order. You can also adjust sales tax. There is an explanation of fees right below the settings.

Payment Methods

Choose whether or not you would like to allow cash or credit.

Order Notifications

If you would like to receive notifications by fax, you can input your fax number here. Note that there is an additional $0.07 fee per each order if you are using a fax machine.

Ordering Hours

To change your ordering hours, click on Ordering Hours underneath Store Settings on the left menu panel. In order for the Ordering Hours tab to appear on the left menu panel, make sure that the arrow head next to Store Settings is pointing downward. If it is not pointing downward, click the arrow head to change the direction. In Ordering Hours, you can set the times in which customers may place an order online through Ontray. You can also set the maximum time in advance they can order.

Pickup & Delivery Settings

To change your pickup and delivery settings, click on Pickup & Delivery underneath Ordering Hours on the left menu panel. Here, you can decide if you want to enable either pickup or delivery, or both, as well as set minimum payment amounts and fees. You can set delivery fees and time estimates for how long it will take to prepare and deliver the food. This section also allows you to set the address and delivery range of your store. If you click on Update Address, a menu will pop up allowing you to change the address of your store. To adjust the delivery zone, just drag the dots around on the map until they fit your satisfaction. You can also add multiple delivery zones to change the price of the delivery based on the location of the customer.

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