Adding and Editing Network Restaurants


You can add and edit your network’s restaurants by navigating to your network’s dashboard and selecting ‘Restaurants’ from the panel on the left-hand side.

By selecting ‘Add Restaurant’ at the top right hand corner of the Restaurants page in your dashboard you are brought to a side menu that allows you to input that store’s information. Information to add here includes:

  • The restaurant’s name.

  • The hostname you’d like the menu to be available at ie Talk with the Ontray team if you’d like to use a custom base hostname which turn the previous example into If no value is provided, one will be generated for you based on the restaurant’s name. Be careful – hostnames can only be set on store creation.

  • The type of cuisine they provide.

  • The option to make a restaurant active - If you select this box it means that you are ready to make this store ‘live’ so that customers are able to find and use their page.

  • The option to ‘feature’ the restaurant - visually promote this restaurant in your network site so that it stands out to your customers next to your other stores.

  • Menu background image - the picture that customers will see behind the menu within a restaurant’s page. When uploading, the recommended dimensions for this image are 1250px x 350px.

Once a store has already been created, you are also able to select it from the list at any time to access the side menu and these settings.

You are also able to edit the advanced settings of a store through the restaurant’s dashboard from this page. Find the store you would like to edit from your list of restaurants, and then select the ‘edit settings’ link from the ‘dashboard’ column.

Getting Started with Your New Network