Adding Attributes to your Menu


To add attributes to an item, first go to your dashboard and click on FOOD on the left menu panel. Click on any food item to show the Details in the right menu panel. Click the MANAGE ATTRIBUTES button at the bottom of the panel.

Note: To add attributes, your item must be in the Item Group: VARIABLE. If it says SIMPLE, use the dropdown menu to switch it to VARIABLE.

The red box highlights the MANAGE ATTRIBUTES button.

From the MANAGE ATTRIBUTES button, you can access the ATTRIBUTE MANAGER to add and edit all of your attributes and subitems.

Click ADD ATTRIBUTE (red box) to add a category of attributes (ex. Amount, Toppings). Edit the attribute by clicking on the given attribute in the column underneath the title ATTRIBUTE MANAGER.

Click ADD ATTRIBUTE ITEM (red box) to add a subitem in that category (ex. Extra Cheese, Pepperoni).

When creating a new attribute, you can choose its Name, Type (can the customer select multiple choices, or only one?), and the Maximum (max number of subitems the customer can choose).



  • Use when you have an attribute like SIZE or SALAD DRESSING and the customer can only have one of the options (A pizza can’t be both Large and Small. A salad can’t have all Italian, Caesar, and Balsamic Vinaigrette dressings all together)

  • You can choose if the attribute is required or not (SIZE is required, SALAD DRESSING is not).


  • The best time to use Select Multiple is when you have an attribute like TOPPINGS and the customer can choose many options.

  • You can set the maximum number they can choose (perhaps they can choose 3 toppings, but you don’t want them choosing 8 toppings all on one pizza).


  • Similar to the Select Multiple tab, the Pizza Topping tab can be used to set the maximum number of pizza toppings that can be used.

  • In addition, the attributes under this tab are broken down by half, double, and half double prices, since the amount of a given topping on a pizza can vary.

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