Creating Coupons


Coupons are a great way to drive new orders or reward existing customers. Our system is designed to allow you to create variety of different coupons in a single form ie. 10% off, free delivery on orders over $30 and more.

To create you own coupons, navigate to your dashboard. In the menu panel on the left side of the screen, click the Coupons tab. You should see a screen that looks similar to this one:

Basic Fields

To create a coupon, click the blue Add Coupon button in the top right hand corner of the screen. Start by giving your coupon a Name.


Next, set a coupon Type. Select between Amount Off, (ex: $5 off an item) Percentage Off (ex: 10% off of an order), or Free (ex: free drink). If you chose to take a Percentage Off, fill out the Percentage field with the percent discount you want to give. If you chose to take an Amount Off, fill out the Amount field with the amount you want to take off.

Next, use the Target field to determine where you want the coupon to apply: Orders, an Item, or Shipping (delivery).

If you selected Item, search for the item in the search box titled Target Name to select a specific item.

Finally set a coupon Code which is what customers will type use to redeem the coupon.

After customizing your coupon you can change the Status of the coupon from being a Draft (you are still editing it), Expired (customers can no longer use it), or Active (customers can use it).

Advanced Options

The Order Minimum field can be set to require a minimum cart value for the coupon to be eligible. To limit the dates in which the coupon is valid, select a Start Date and an End Date. Use the Description field to give a brief description of the coupon’s benefits to your customers.

To limit on the total number of times a coupon can be used, provide a value for the Total Uses field. To limit the amount of times a single customer can use the coupon, select a number of times in the Uses Per User field.

Stackable coupons are able to be combined with other stackable coupons. If this is turned off, users can not use another coupon in tandem with this one.

Select Automatically Apply to Order if you want to give the user this coupon without them having to enter the coupon code

Don’t forget to click the blue “Save” button in the bottom right corner to save your progress!

Viewing Results

To see all the orders that have used this discount, click the blue Redemptions button in the top right corner.