Creating Delivery Zones


Delivery zones enable unique boundaries and prices based on where a user is located. This allows restaurants to limit the delivery areas they service and recoup the costs associated with delivery by pushing it off to the customer. You are able to create multiple zones of varying size and attribute a delivery fee to each.

To create delivery zones:

  1. Access your restaurant’s dashboard and select ‘Pickup & Delivery’ within the 'Store Settings’ drop-down on the left-hand side menu bar.
  2. From here, find ‘Delivery Zones’ and select ‘Add Delivery Zone’. This creates your first delivery zone, which you can then attribute a unique area and price. The first will be Zone 1 which should be the smallest (and least expensive) option followed by Zone 2, etc.
  3. Click on the ‘Edit’ icon right above the ‘Add New Zone’ button to change the range/miles of your delivery zone. By selecting ‘Zone Type’ you can choose ‘Free Form Zone’ and click on the drawing tool (the polygon button at the top of the map) to draw your delivery zone by hand. Connect the first and last points of your shape to create a zone.
    If you need to start over, select clear delivery zone at the bottom right corner of the box. Once you’ve created an area to your liking, select ‘Update Zone’ to finalize this zone and continue to create the rest of your delivery zones, if necessary.
  4. Save your changes by selecting ‘Save’ at the bottom right-hand corner of the dashboard after creating all of the delivery areas your store services. Remove delivery zones by selecting the ‘x’ found to the far right of each row.

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