Editing the Design and Appearance of Your Network's Page


You can edit the design of your network page by navigating to your network’s dashboard and selecting ‘Design’ from the panel on the left-hand side.

By selecting the ‘Design’ page in the sidebar of your network’s dashboard you are able to change the appearance of your network’s site that customers will see when they visit.

This page gives you five options, which include:

  • Color Palette - The assortment of colors your web page will be displayed in.

  • Homepage Search Title - The name your network site will be given in search engines, used to more directly include your page as a result when customers are searching for you or similar pages.

  • Homepage Background - The background image your customers will see when arriving at your site.

  • Logo - The logo image of your network displayed on your site.

  • Favicon - A small 16 x 16px .png image that will be visable in the tab panel of your browser. This image needs to be specifically created, and can be done using a variety of free services such as http://www.favicon-generator.org/.

Getting Started with Your New Network