Getting Started with Your New Network


We’re excited that you’ve created your network’s new online ordering site with us at Ontray! Below you’ll find an overview of the features of your network dashboard, where you’ll control the content and settings of your network site. Further information detailing the more advanced features of the dashboard can be found by clicking the links found in their description below, or by heading to the network configuration category of

  • Network Reports - Here is where you will find reports of your network’s sales over a preset or customized period of time. This includes summary sales information, visual representations of general sales and customer information, and breakdowns of total and individual restaurant sales.

  • Active Orders - This is a list of all orders currently being handled by your network, in-between the initial order and finally reaching your customer.

  • All Orders - Here is where you’ll be able to find information on all orders processed through your network current and past.

  • Restaurants - From here you can add restaurants to your network and edit select settings.

  • Customers - Detailed information on the individual customers ordering through your network can be found here.

  • Coupons - Using this page is a great way to create incentives that encourage ordering through your network, or reward customers for shopping with you.

  • Design - Use the design page to alter the visual elements of your network site.

  • SEO and Analytics - This is a page that helps you further leverage Ontray’s features to reach more customers online and help Google promote your site to the correct audience. By creating an account for your restaurant with Google Analytics and inserting your Google Analytics ID in the Integration box, you can use this tool to gain larger insights into who is using your website and how.

  • Settings - Here is where you’ll be able to alter the settings of your network, such as your network’s name and contact information, and time zone. You are also able to display links to your social media profiles in your network page by filling in that information here.

At the very bottom of this list is a drop-down box that enables you to select a specific restaurant in your network, allowing you to edit their specific page in more detail through that individual store’s dashboard.