Importing Using Google Spreadsheets


Google Spreadsheets allow you to collaborate with others while building your menu. Create a new Google Spreadsheet and add three tabs called ‘Items’, ‘Attributes’ and ‘Modifiers’. Use our import guide to fill out the spreadsheets. Once completed you’ll need to publish your spreadsheet to the web so Ontray can use it.

To publish to the web:

  1. Open your Google Spreadsheet

  2. Click ‘File’ in the upper left hand corner

  3. Click ‘Publish to the web…’

  4. Next you’ll need to publish each of your tabs individually. Select ‘Link’ (vs Embed), the tab you’d like to publish (vs Entire Document) and use .csv as your output (vs Webpage).

  5. Google will provide you with a link which you’ll paste into the Ontray importer under CSV url.

  6. Once finished with your first spreadsheet, complete the same process with the remaining two spreadsheets.

Note of Caution: Google Spreadsheet published urls can be out of date if you’re frequently editing / uploading the spreadsheet. If the importer isn’t reflected changes you’ve made in your Google Spreadsheet, export the spreadsheet to a .csv and upload using the CSV upload instructions.

Importing Your Menu