Integrate with Tookan Dispatching


Tookan dispatching allows you to easily send your order to your drivers and update those changes back to Ontray in real time. To get started, simply open up the integration configuration panel like below:

You’ll be presented with the following fields to configure:

The API key provided by Tookan. You can get a key from the Tookan dashboard by navigating to: SideMenu > Settings > API Keys.

Create on Confirmation
Check if you want the Tookan job to be created when the order is confirmed. If left unchecked, it will be created as soon as the order is placed.

Automatic Assignment
Check if you want orders to be automatically assigned to drivers.

A drop-down of all teams to assign jobs to. You must supply a valid API key and then save the integration to get this value.

Webhook Shared Secret
Supply the Webhook Shared Secret as found in the Tookan dashboard under Side Menu > Notifications. Be sure to activate webhooks by activating them on the successful events for both pickups and delivery. See full configuration below. Lastly, be sure to paste in this webhook url: