Inviting Restaurant Owners to your Ontray Network


Once you’ve created your restaurants you’ll want to get your owners access to the Ontray POS application and the Ontray Dashboard. To do this use the Ontray Invitation system to send invitations to your restaurant owners via email.

1. Find the ‘Invites’ tab in the Dashboard

To get started, first find the restaurant you’d like to add an admin to and then open the ‘Invites’ tab.

2. Invite User

Next, click the ‘Invite User’ button in the ‘Invites’ tab to open up an email field. Add the email you’d like to send the invitation field. Note: the restaurant owner does not need to use the email specified for their account, they can choose to use another one when accepting the invitation.

3. Allow Restaurant to Accept Access

Once the invitation is sent, the restaurant owner will get an email with a link to accept their invitation. Once they click the link they’ll be prompted to either create an account or login with an existing one. The link will be valid for 48 hours, after that and it will automatically expire.

4. That’s It!

Once the restaurant owner has accepted their invitation, they’ll now be able to use that account to log into the Ontray Dashboard and the Ontray POS application.

Revoking Invitation

If you’d like to revoke a previously sent invitation, simply click the ‘x’ next to the invitation.