Ontray Receipt Printer


Powered by Eatabit.io

Ontray has integrated with Eatabit to allow seamless receipt printing right from you Ontray powered store. Simply plug the printer in, enable the integration and you’re ready to start printing!

Getting Started

Assuming you’ve already received your printer, getting started should only take a few minutes.

  • Plug your printer into the outlet
  • Turn on the integration in the Ontray Dashboard
  • Start receiving orders!

Yes, it’s that easy. Our printers use a cellular connection to stay in constant contact with your store so all you need to do is make sure it’s plugged into the wall.

To Request a Printer just send us an email at support@ontrayapp.com and we’ll get you all setup!


Receiving Orders

When a new order comes in, your printer will light up and start making noises. It will continue to do this until you click the big red ‘Print’ button at which point the order will begin to print. Once the order has printed, Ontray will mark you orders as ‘Confirmed’ just as you can confirm orders via the Ontray POS application, emails or via an automated phone call.

Reprinting Orders

If you’d like to reprint your last order, click the hamburger button to the left of the print button, highlight ‘Reprint Order’ and then click the ‘Print’ button again. A new receipt will automatically be printed for you.

Adjusting you Fulfillment Time

If you’ve enabled the Sync Prep Time option (see configuration section below), you can use the arrow keys to update your prep times in Ontray. The time the printer shows is designed to represent the minimum pickup prep time required to create an average order. Use the configuration settings to adjust the pickup/delivery estimate ranges (see below).

Integration Configuration

Ontray allows you to adjust how your printer works based on the options below. To update these settings, go to your dashboard, find the Eatabit integration and update the options accordingly.

Printer Key

This is the API key provided by Eatabit if this field is not already filled in please contact the Ontray team to get your key at support@ontrayapp.com.

Double Print

If checked, the printer will automatically print two receipts when new orders come in.

Use Large Fonts?

Only devices issues after Jan 1st, 2019 can enable this option. If activated, it will make the font sizes of key pieces of the receipt large. If your printer meets the date criteria, it’s recommended to have this setting turned on.

Sync Prep Time

If checked, the prep time users see on your Ontray website will automatically be updated when you change the prep time on your receipt printer. The value visible on the printer is the Minimum Pickup Prep time, the additional settings below allow you to adjust the range of times users will see.

Pickup Maximum

This value, plus the amount of time on the printer, will be the maximum amount of time to prepare a pickup order.

Delivery Estimate Minimum

This value, plus the amount of time on the printer, will be the minimum time it will take for a delivery order to reach the customer.

Delivery Estimate Maximum

This value, plus the amount of time on the printer, will be the maximum time it will take for a delivery order to reach the customer.

Restocking your Receipt Printer Paper

When it’s time to restock your printer paper, you can grab any off the shelf thermal receipt printing paper that is 3 ⅛” wide and no longer than 119ft. Below is a link to a 50 pack that will work.