Using SKUs in your Menu


Stock Keeping Units

An SKU is like an item’s barcode. It acts as an identification code made up of letters, numbers, and symbols.

Editing the SKU

Go to your dashboard and click on food in the left menu panel. Select any item to show the right menu panel, you can see the SKU entry place below Status. You can manually enter your own SKU for each item to easily sort them, or you can let the program automatically generate an SKU based on the Name of each item.

Food list example WITHOUT SKUs

Food list example with COMPUTER GENERATED SKUs (based on the name of the item)

Food list example with MANUALLY ENTERED SKUs


In the final example, you can see the items sorted by their SKUs. The SKU letters were chosen based on the category, while the numbers are to differentiate each individual item in the category. For example, the ‘Salad’ items’ SKUs are SAL#. ‘Meat’ items are M#, ‘Pizza’ items are PIZ#, etc.

Using SKUs to sort the items by category is a very effective use for the tool, but you ultimately get to decide what SKU you want to use for every item.

Editing Items on your Menu
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