Viewing Network Reports


You can view your network reports by navigating to your network’s dashboard and selecting ‘Network Reports’ from the panel on the left-hand side.

This page is a great resource for gathering the sales and performance information of your network and individual stores. The information is broken into six segments, detailed below, and when viewing the data you can choose between the pre-selected periods of time available in our quick buttons found immediately below the line graph and to the left. These buttons allow you to view the sales of the most recent week, month, or year, as well as the sales so far in the current month, quarter, or year. Just to the right of this you’re also able to choose your own time frame by selecting a beginning and an end date for your reports.

Even further to the right you are then able to change the periods of time highlighted in the line graph displayed above, with the option of viewing enhanced detail of your sales broken down daily, weekly, or monthly.

Sections of the reports page include:

  • Line graph - a visual representation of your sales, allowing you to easily see the changes in your sales over a specific time.

  • (Quick) Period Summary - a quick and easy description of your sales over the selected time period.

  • Popular Stores - Here you’ll find a list of your ten most active stores over the selected period of time, including their total number of sales their combined value.

  • New Vs. Returning Customers - Here is a visual representation of the ratio of first-time customers to those that have ordered through you before.

  • (Extended) Period Summary - A more detailed list of information than the Period Summary above, showing you a row of descriptive data for your selected sales period.

  • Orders - A detailed list of orders in your network, shown by restaurant

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