What if I Already Have a Website?


If you already have a website you love but want to use Ontray for your online ordering, we offer the following options to help facilitate the process

1. Link to Ontray Provided Website

The easiest option is to add an ‘Order Online’ button on your current website that direct users to your restaurant.ontrayapp.com domain name. There is no setup or extra fees required.

2. Subdomain Method

If you’d like to keep your menu on your domain name, we move your Ontray site to order.example.com. Then, add an ‘Order Online’ button on your current website to sends users to the new location.

There will be a small fee for setting up an SSL certificate on a custom domain name. Please contact Ontray if you’d like to use this method.

3. Link to Network Menu (Networks Only)

If you’re an Ontray Network operator, you might find some of your restaurants not wanting to use their individual websites. In this case, have them add an ‘Order Online’ button to their existing website that sends users to their menu page on your network website.